Sunday, August 02, 2009

Message of the CBCP on the demise of Mrs. Corazon Aquino

THE CBCP joins the Aquino family and the entire nation in mourning the passing away of a great woman who was for six year the President of our country.

It was a holy death in the midst of physical pain and suffering. Death occurred at three o’clock the Hour of Divine Mercy. It was First Saturday the day of our Blessed Mother. Tita Cory was holding the Fatima Rosary which Sr. Lucia gave her many years ago.

Our country is very much indebted to this humble and sincere woman, who though not a politician herself and unprepared, she accepted the challenge of the Filipino people to lead them as President. It was not she who pushed herself into the position; but it was the people who called upon her. Eternal gratitude is due to Cory and her husband, Ninoy, for living it out that “The Filipino people is worth dying for.”

Many eulogies and speeches will be delivered to extol her goodness; we know she deserves them. But now at the threshold of eternity, the only eulogy she would hear is the invitation of the Lord of Divine Mercy: “Come, blessed of my Father, enter the kingdom which has been prepared for you.”

In her unassuming way she knew when to say “enough is enough” and gently handed over the government to her successor. It remained to succeeding generations of leaders to be worthy of the trust of leadership and to continue what she had begun, to dream again the dream of what is best for the country.

Archbishop of Jaro
CBCP President
August 1, 2009