Monday, August 17, 2009

An appeal for prayer for peace in Mindanao

The recent violent encounter in Basilan resulted in 23 deaths from the army and 31 deaths from the Abu Sayyaf. In the context of war, no one wins.

For peace in Basilan and other parts of Mindanao, the CBCP appeals for prayer for all the victims and their bereft families. We ask for prayers and Masses for them.

In a certain sense, the situation of “unpeace” in one part of the country lessens the peace in other parts because we are all “brothers.”

Violence, retaliation and annihilation create more anger in both parties and destroy the seeds of past peace processes. Peace cannot result from violence and retaliation.

The victims of such violence and retaliation are innocent lives of victims.

Archbishop Angel Lagdameo
Archbishop of Jaro
President, CBCP
August 17, 2009