Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Reflection

CHRISTMAS is the celebration of an event of God “going outside of himself,” becoming man in Jesus Christ. In Jesus Christ, God has assumed the everyday in order that through him and with him man may learn to be fully human. Jesus in his human life—as described in the Gospels—is the word, the address, the message of God to humanity.
Jesus must be experienced by Christmas, not simply as a great prophet, a religious founder or genius but as God’s ultimate Word to mankind. In him concrete human life is found in its most basic and radical form. Through his earthly life Jesus showed how the absolutely distant God is likewise absolute near. Through his incarnation, Jesus Christ reveals the deepest meaning of being human… that in every human being there is the ability to be God in the world or to be infinitely open to God’s self-communication.

+Angel Lagdameo
Archbishop of Jaro
President, CBCP


Equalizer said...

I am grateful for a few brave bishops(including Archbishop Angel Lagdameo ,CBCP president, and Archbishop Oscar Cruz) who have the courage to denounce the evils of this administration.

God Bless Archbishop Angel Lagdameo!

Anonymous said...

CHRIST is God's self-communication to us.

In a morally bankrupt land, what would be the meaning of Christmas? What would be the message of God to the Filipino people today?

PCP-II in 1991 has this message, more accurately a VISION to the Filipino people:

"This is our vision: that all Filipinos may have life in its fullness, we need to bring forth a free nation, nurturing a civilization of love and love--

"Where human dignity and solidarity are respected and promoted; where moral principles prevail in socio-economic life and structures;where justice, love and solidarity are the inner driving forces of development.

"We shall have to build a sovereign nation: where every tribe and faith are respected; where diverse tongues and traditions work together for the common good; where membership is a call to participation and development, and leadership a summons to generous service.

"Ours will have to be a people: in harmony with one another through unity in diversity; in harmony with creation and in harmony with the Creator."

I hope that this Christmas of 2007 reminds our Church leaders of their critical role in this vision and continuously inspire us as they journey with us to make this vision a reality, not tomorrow, but today.