Friday, December 07, 2007

Advent Reflection


Equalizer said...

Inspiring! I have featured this in my blog.GOD bless!

Anonymous said...

The advent of Jesus not as a baby but a resurrected one in our lives is indeed a challenge in Christian witnessing in our present situation.

I could not understand what motivated Bishop Labayen to join Trillanes at the Pen. Of course, Bishop Labayen has been known for his fight for justice par excellence. His "yapak" have clear direction and his "human spirit" is recoiling at the sight of injustices.

He believes that arm revolution should have accompanied by the revolution of the heart in order to affect radical change.

I can't recall his exact words, but I remember his voice in describing revolution as "the expressions of the restless longings of the imprisoned human heart and the disturbing protest of an oppressed and suppressed human spirit." (From my old notes during my visit at Infanta)

If the protest of Bishop Labayen is a manifestation of this resurrected Jesus in our midst, then our people must have not recognized the import of his presence at the Pen.