Thursday, May 06, 2010

Keeping our hope alive

FOR the love of our country, the Filipino people will go to the polling places to elect the new leadership of our government in the national and local levels. May we vote for the most worthy candidates who will govern and help heal our land.

Let us join the millions of voters in the PPC-RV advocacy for Clean, Honest, Accurate, Meaningful and Peaceful (CHAMP) Election. Yes, indeed, let us together be vigilant against those who may be working with the intention of “failure of Election”. Let that not happen. Let us all proclaim “BOTO KO, DANGGAL KO, IPAGTATANGGOL KO.”

We appeal to the peace-keeping institutions, like the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the Philippine National Police (PNP), to live out concretely their advocacy for HOPE in our country at the local and national level. HOPE for Honest, Orderly and Peaceful Election.

If the glitches or failures of the PCOS machines are deemed more than accidental or human failure which may be beyond human control, we would be inclined or tempted to think or ask “what could be the master plan in the machine failure?” or “ Who could be the mastermind, if there was indeed an intended failure?” Question.

The thought and the question may diminish the efforts of the “CHAMP” and “HOPE” advocates. But let this not happen! I join my brother Bishops and all God-fearing citizens throughout the country in appealing for vigilance and prayer, most especially by the citizens whose only most important contribution for the Honest, Orderly and Peaceful Election (HOPE) is their Prayer and Penance. Throughout the Archdiocese let all the Adoration Chapels and Parish Churches be opened for Vigils of Prayer for Honest, Orderly, Peaceful Election.

We encourage all the Pious Organizations and Associations to take turn (by the Hour or every 30 minutes) in praying for this Election. We need above all the help of God. We address our prayer to Him with the Help of Our Blessed Mother, Mediatrix of All Grace.

Let us pray (or sing): “Lord, heal our land./ Father heal our land./ Hear our cry and turn our nation back to you./Lord, heal our land./ Hear us, O Lord, and heal our land./ Forgive our sin and heal our broken land.”/ Yes, indeed, broken by insincerity, broken promises, corruption and injustice. Lord, heal our land through a new brand of leaders.

Archbishop Angel N. Lagdameo
May 6, 2010