Thursday, April 30, 2009

Labor Day Message 2009

ON the occasion of Labor Day 2009, we gratefully salute the labor force on whom depend the sustenance and development of our country.

The celebration of Labor Day would be all the more meaningful if our labor force will feel more concretely and tangibly the care and concern of the business sector, the government and civil society. The work force which is responsible in producing the food and wealth of the country must themselves be made to share the fruit of their labor through just wages and well-deserved security for themselves and their families. Retirement benefits must likewise be part of the program for workers.

We acknowledge the mutual dependence of capital and labor. It has been well said “neither capital can do without labor, nor labor without capital.” This mutual dependence can exist only in the atmosphere of social and distributive justice. Acts of justice take precedence over acts of charity.

Archbishop of Jaro
CBCP President