Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Lenten Message 2008

WE enter the 2008 Season of Lent again to be reminded that Jesus Christ brought us salvation by accepting our humanity which is capable of suffering with us and for us.

The season of lent is a call to compassion and consolation. We are challenged to share in the suffering of our neighbors through communion of goods. In lent we are reminded that we are not owners but rather stewards and administrators of the goods we possess.

As we said in our CBCP Statement “ Reform yourselves and believe in the Gospel” (Mk.1/15), we must work for personal and communal conversion towards a social conscience, which put the common good above personal, family and group interests. Lent is a call to conversion to the common good.

Social conscience for the common good: As we said in our CBCP Statement: “ we ask this of all citizens who have a concern for the national good, especially those who hold the reins of power, from MalacaƱang on to Congress, provincial and municipal governments, all the way down to barangay councils. People in government – as well as all other civic and business groupings – can they too reflect together in all manner of associations and look into themselves to see if, in all their actuations, the demand of common good are in fact captive to merely personal and selfish interests?” Lent is the time to do something about it.

Fighting graft and corruption? Responding to the need for moral revolution and renewal? The challenge of Lent is “Reform your lives and believe in the Gospel” (Mk.1/15). Lent is the time to journey together toward social transformation.

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bemster said...

i agree that the issue we are facing today is not about what is happening out there but what is happening "in here" (pointing at the heart) of every filipino citizen.for what good is there to see when all there is around me is immorality of all sorts.but i began to see hope when i realized that all of these would mean that there are more to love and i would want to start with myself reaffirming the truth that more than a Filipino citizen, I am a child of the Most High God who is bigger than any of all these issues we are facing today!i have learned to live in thanksgiving in the midst of many disapointing events.i have learned that i don't have control over these issues but i do have control over my response to every difficult situations.i've learned to respond with love.unless we see goodness within us, it is not hard for us to see goodnes in other people therefore compelling us to love even more.God has given us a new command: "Love one another as i have loved you. If you love one another just as i have loved you, people will know that you are truly my disciples." (John 13:34-35).we are a people who is difficult to love but Christ still choses to love us and even prayed for forgiveness of our sins when he was about to give his final breath on the cross.the fact that we are loved and that we are forgiven should be more than enough for us to know why we should love one another and not condemed of judged others.may we not condemed those who made the wrong choices but rather forgive them and help them straigthen their path through the support of the church and all its lay ministries.let us not dwell on what is evil but set our focus on what is good.Let us set our focus on God and His greater plans for our country.there is so many good events happenning around us that we do not see or to some, they refuse to see because it is not popular.i will offer prayers to our media industries.i still have hope in them.i know they are doing their job well but i would want them to see the greater purpose of why there is such a thing called media - that is to influnce society with what is good in the most just and fairly way leading to greater goodness and not to hopelessness and despair among the Filipino people.
this lenten season, let us lament and bring all our sinfulness to the altar of God.let us choose to be restored from the inside.let Christ's miracle of transformation work within you by recieving Him as Lord and saviour.let us make it our goal to be ressurrected with Christ having a new life and a new beginning.

God bless the filipino people!