Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Watch and Pray for Self-serving Representatives

Despite the result of twelve hours of turbulent discussion leading to shouting at one another in the House of Representatives, we continue to hold that the way to change the Charter is not by way of a Constituent Assembly by way of a Constitutional Convention. We believe that the changing of House Rules for Congressmen of the Administration to convert themselves into a CON-ASS is fraudulently illegitimate and scandalously immoral. It is perceivably self-serving on their part. Why can’t they entrust the CHA-CHA to others? Why are our Administration Congressmen desperately in a hurry? The haste is questionable and suspicious.

We encourage our people in the parishes to be vigilant, to express their opposition to CON-ASS and to offer prayers for our government. Graft and corruption cannot be committed by the Constitution, but by the improper application of it. It is the people who are guilty of graft and corruption who need to change. God help us! God help our country!

+Angel N. Lagdameo, DD
Archbishop of Jaro
President, CBCP


frederic said...

What happened yesterday until early dawn this morning in the house of representatives is grossly immoral and a manifestation of the height of greed and arrogance of the puppets of the administration. The way they amended the rule is a manifestation of a grand design of deception and utmost desecration of the integrity of congress as a democratic institution and therefore a transgression against the dignity of the very people these congressmen represent. The way they presented their illogical arguments bereft of wisdom was an insult to the intellect and dignity of the people.

In Summa Theologiae of St. Thomas Aquinas he says, "Human law is law in so far as it corresponds to right reason and therefore is derived from the eternal law.When, however, a law is contrary to reason, it is called an unjust law; in such a case it ceases to be law and become instead an act of violence."

Following the logic of Thomas Aquinas, the house of representatives deligitimized itself and therefore, by that very act, abandoned its reason for being.

With this, the people have the right to write history even beyond constitutional means.

Rafael A. Pulmano said...
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Rafael A. Pulmano said...

Please count me in. I join you and our people in humble yet urgent prayer: God help us! God help our country!

rafael pulmano

Sef said...

I understand that the house voted 161-25 to revise the rules... a clear majority. If we oppose them, that means we do not believe a bit the majority in this congress anymore.

Meanwhile, do we rather believe the opposition in congress led by the unbelieveable Erap Leutenants Chiz Escudero and Butz Aquino?

ellen said...

Thank you, Your Eminence for guiding us.

Anonymous said...

i pray that we be rid of these self-serving representatives. and i pray that our church leaders continue to be a beacon of light and hope in these trying times

Leo Martin Angelo R. Ocampo said...

I agree that the Con-Ass should not be pursued at this untimely hour, this most importune time, and under these circumstances. The Constitution is not just any document that can be manhandled and manipulated according to some people's agenda. These congressmen should remember that they are not where they are just to pursue their own interests but to defend and uphold the welfare of the people whom they represent.

Students of the universities here along Katipunan have begun mobilizing. Let us together watch and pray for our Constitution, for our country and for our people.

God save us! Amen. Amen.

Anonymous said...

sorry for being so brash, dear fathers, but these people really sickens me...why dont you just threaten these people with excommunication?better just excommunicate them outright! their act is guided by satan anyway...