Wednesday, July 19, 2006

In the Interest of the Common Good

I respect the personal decision of Bishop Antonio Tobias in helping some members of the Magdalo group. As explained by him, it was in the interest of both the Magdalo group and the government in order that there may be a non-violent resolution of their differences.

Contrary to allegations, the 6 bishops in the news report did not have any meeting together with any group—including any member of the Magdalo group—in order to bring down the PGMA administration unconstitutionally and in a violent manner. It is very possible that an accusation is being leveled against the credibility of the Bishops, because of our stand on issues which are not pleasant to certain groups. As Bishops we always promote peaceful, non-violent and constitutional means of reform in government.

If I, or any of the Bishops, have spoken against or criticized the conduct of anyone or any group—in favor or against the government—it was for the interest of the common welfare. Because people look at issues from different perspectives and with different values, we Bishops accept that our statements—individually or corporately—may not be agreeable to everybody.

We feel sad that the stories related to the report of overthrowing of government are being fabricated without proof as to their veracity. I appeal that the sources of such stories will clarify themselves for the sake of the common good. I invite them to prove their statements involving us, six bishops.

Archbishop of Jaro
CBCP President

July 19, 2006


Rizalist said...

And neither must the sheep,
fail their faithful shepherds...

schumey said...

Salem's witch hunt or the Inquisition perhaps? The administration is out to silence all opposition come hell or high water. GMA may think she's a Lee Kwan Yew but no dice, she's too corrupt to lead.

SaLaMaGi said...

Dear Bishop, a lying and cheating (some may add, stealing) president is not a good Christian example. For our bishops not to see this, with even

SaLaMaGi said...

For some bishops not to see this, with even some thinking that her being there is God-willed, is a SHOCKING revelation to me.

drpasricha said...

May I invite all to read Dr. Gene Sharp, professor at Harvard University and the Albert Einstein Institution on non-violent revolutions, availabe on the internet. He enumerates 198 ways of non violent action. His theory of power is the foundation of all successful colored revolutions of today.
Happy reading.

noniecdolor said...

Excellent. Archbishop Angel! Do you already have your letter re Second National Marian Pilgrimage for Peace to be held at Carmel, Lipa City on September 12? Please post it at the CBCP web; or please send me a copy at

Thanks very much

Waltzib said...

Bishops blogging? Wow! Dear Bishop Angel, I hope the CBCP will be much bolder in seeking the truth. The impeachment was one chance. Anyway.