Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Food distribution among the squatters ended with a little girl receiving only a banana which she received with smiling gratitude. Having received the banana, the girl ran towards a little tent among the piles of garbage. Two younger brothers were waiting for her. She divided the one banana between the two; for herself she scraped the peelings of the banana and ate it. This is story converted an atheistic journalist that covered the event. In the midst of poverty and misery, life even among the squatters was shot through with love and care.

A little boy had his eyes fixed on a pair of slippers in the department store. He had no cover for his feet. A young man who happened to watch him invited the poor boy inside the store and had a pair of rubber slippers fitted to his naked feet. The surprised boy could not understand the action of the unknown benefactor who merely explained to him: “This season we celebrate the birth of Jesus our Savior. That is his gift to you. Merry Christmas!” When they parted, the poor boy shouted back to the young man: “Hey, Sir, wait! Are you Jesus? Are you Jesus?” In the midst of multiple crises in our country, economic, political, social problems, this simple story contains a saving grace. I hope this story will be multiplied not only this Christmas season, but through the coming year. The power of love is stronger than the power of evil. No crisis is so great it cannot be solved with God. In the midst of misery and problems, life is shot through with sharing and sacrificing love.

We can transform our country through servant-leadership, whose core-trait is serving the people with integrity of heart, credible life-style and accountable and transparent disposition of resources.

Our work for peace and order will not only be a gift of the Savior to us but also our gift to the Savior and to one another.

Archbishop of Jaro


simplengpambihira said...

I agree bishop angel..the story contains saving grace..
merry christmas bishop and a blessed new year.

frederic said...

Reflections of this sort creates in us positive images. From these positive images we can build a society charged with positive energy.

The message of the incarnation is basically liberation from all the negative elements. The positive images that you would share with us are in fact sources where we could draw our strength and hope to craft a "new heaven and a new earth."

Bishop, may you be blessed with peace and everything that is good in your pastoral ministry!

Jhun Sagum said...

The late - FPJ has a BIG Heart
for the poor, that can be
emulated by others.

Giving without telling anyone
is a true example of what Jesus
has shown us.

Much has been said how he treated
the poor and the simple people
he works with.

He's a BIG loss to our people,
specially at this time of the

Have a Merry Christmas ...

i4Truth said...

What an inspiring story. May the spirit of Christmas be an inspiration for all of us to share what we have to the least brother's of ours.

Bishop, may the good Lord bless and keep you to continue doing pastoral work. Merry Christmas!